Venly NFT Marketplace and Venly Wallet Service Supports Avalanche

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Avalanche NFTS can be traded on the Venly Market which has over 500,000 users. And Venly users can create Avalanche wallets inside their Venly Wallet.

With Venly Wallet solutions, projects on Avalanche can now onboard users by providing them with a wallet. The Venly Wallet is known for being user friendly and blockchain agnostic.

Currently supporting 11 blockchains, the wallets are available on web, desktop and mobile.

The Venly Market is a peer to peer, blockchain agnostic, NFT marketplace. Users can easily make cross chain purchases of NFTs with crypto and fiat. With Venly’s Market APIs, Avalanche projects can easily build an NFT marketplace backed by Venly technology.

To celebrate the collaboration between Venly and Avalanche, the Venly marketplace will cover Avalanche gas fees on every NFT trade on the market, for a limited time. New users can now join the Avalanche fun and discover all new collections. The goal is to bring more mainstream users into the world of NFTs and grow the Avalanche ecosystem.

Apply now to get your Avalanche Project verified on the Venly Marketplace with a custom storefront.

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