How to Use Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains: All you need to know

how to use unstoppable domains

When trying to send digital assets to yourself or others, there is always this confusion that sets in, verifying if you have the correct wallet address. And just so you know, you aren’t alone, as many people in the crypto space encounter this issue, and that’s because cryptocurrency wallet addresses are a combination of complex letters and numbers. Even when you copy and paste the wallet address correctly, you still have to meticulously go over the wallet address to make sure everything is pasted as it should.

Well, Unstoppable Domains is here to resolve this long-standing problem in the crypto space. Not just that, the company is aiming to increase cryptocurrency adoption through its unique services. 

While the domains offered by the company can be deployed as fully functional web pages along with support for decentralized applications (dApps), their domains also double as a payment hub address. Thanks to these unique features, users can receive over 276 digital assets and tokens. By giving complex crypto wallet addresses human-readable names, the company is gearing up to become the domain address of the future. 

Unstoppable Domains at a glance

Unstoppable Domains launched its services in 2018, under the leadership of Matthew Gould, who doubles as the company’s CEO. The company launched its unique services to make it easier for users, especially newbies, to interact with crypto addresses. Unstoppable Domains was supposed to function as a robust DNS system right from the very get-go. What this means is that users do not need to learn about IP addresses before they can host a website.  But their domain system isn’t just about providing users the ideal domain address, as the company’s services also entail verifying crypto wallet addresses, an area where the company has succeeded immensely. 

Users can now seamlessly set up payments for more than 276 cryptocurrencies using a single domain name, thanks to their robust domain system. How cool can that be? And guess what, that’s not all. Users can also use their domain address to build a fully functioning website with support for decentralized apps. We are sure this may not come to many as a surprise especially considering that Unstoppable domains are hosted on the blockchain. 

What makes Untsoppabe Domains better than traditional domain providers is that you only pay a one-time fee for your chosen domain. And because there are no renewal fees to worry about, it’s easy to see why Unstoppable Domains is a remarkable tool for crypto users. 

Where is the company located?

Even though Unstoppable Domains offers its services online, they are currently headquartered in San Francisco. And like you already know, the company sells domains that are secured by blockchain. 

The team behind this outstanding company includes Brad Kam, Bogdan Gusiev, Braden Pezeshki, and the CEO, Mathew Gould. The company kicked off operations in 2018 following a $5.2 million backing from Draper Associates and Boost VC. 

Currently, the company offers .crypto domains as well as nine other high in demand domains ending in .wallet and .nft. The exciting thing about these domains is that they double as human-readable addresses. With this, you no longer need to copy and paste crypto addresses or even type out the long strings of complex numbers and letters that make up a wallet address. 

And like we mentioned already, these domains can be deployed to create decentralized websites with support for decentralized storage networks and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)

Unstoppable Domains and their unique services

The majority of the company’s features and services revolve primarily around their brilliant NFT domain names. Thanks to a bunch of tools for buying and minting domain names, anyone, regardless of their experience, can get the domain that suits their business. Not just that, you can seamlessly connect your crypto wallet addresses to these domains as well as build and deploy websites. Here are some of the fantastic services offered by the company. 

Buying and minting domain names 

The most important service offered by Unstoppable Domains is that they allow users to buy domain extensions like .crypto, .nft, .wallet, .zil, and more. And yes, they allow users to mint these domain extensions to their personal wallets. 

Just to be clear, Unstoppable Domain ownership comes in the form of non-fungible ERC721 tokens. These domains are saved in users’ wallets instead of third-party services. And you know what? You only have to buy your preferred domain name once. This means you can kiss goodbye to yearly renewal fees. 

Another cool thing is that domains acquired from Unstoppable Domains can be sold and easily transferred whenever you want. That said, keep in mind that withdrawing an acquired domain (i.e., minting a domain) to start using it will cost you additional fees for Ethereum gas, especially when done on layer 1. But that should soon be a thing of the past as Unstoppable Domains recently partnered with Polygon to bring about gas-free minting on layer 2. 

Add cryptocurrency addresses

Once you have minted your preferred domain name, you can proceed to use it as a human-readable address for receiving crypto. This simply means that people who use supported wallet addresses will no longer need to copy and paste or type out their public key (the long, complicated strings of numbers and letters that make up a crypto wallet address). For instance, if you want to send your friend a crypto payment, you can use Issaclitecoin.crypto domain instead of typing out your friend’s Litecoin or Ethereum public key. 

Also, Unstoppable Domains provide users with an easy-to-use interface that lets them quickly connect their wallet addresses for supported cryptocurrency to their domains. As for now, the company supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Zilliqa, and Ripple addresses. Also, these human-readable wallet addresses are supported by platforms like Chainlink, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, MyEtherwallet, and more. 

Develop and connect websites

Another thing we love about Unstoppable Domains is that they let users build and connect websites to their domain names. While this may sound too techy to an average user, we are happy to inform you that the company provides fantastic tools to make the entire process easy for just about anyone. 

To be a little bit more precise, Unstoppable Domains offers users access to four different types of templates they can explore for free. They include: 

  • Personal 
  • For Sale
  • Coming Soon
  • Blog

When using the templates provided by Unstoppable Domains to build your website,  the company helps you store your domains on a decentralized storage network and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) with just a simple click. There are also incredible options for more advanced users looking to build their websites from scratch manually and link to the InterPlanetry File System using the Unstoppable Domains user interface. 

Decentralized websites built using Unstoppable Domains resources can be viewed via top browsers like Brave, Opera web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. All you need to do is to install the Unstoppable Domains browser extension, and you’re good to go. 

How much does Unstoppable Domains charge for minting new domains?

Domains minted via Unstoppable domains go for different prices. For instance, a .crypto  domain goes for $40. Other domains with .zil extension go for $20. 

Also, you may come across costly domains, especially those that are shorter, catchy, and more desirable. And yes, you can also find domains for sale on the secondary market. These domains have already been purchased and are being resold by their owners (Unstoppable Domains allow these services). 

When buying a domain from the company, a wide range of payment options are supported. Just to be clear, you don’t need to use cryptocurrency to get your domain ready and running. To buy your preferred domain from the company, you can pay using PayPal, Stripe, and payments options like:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD coin
  • Dai
  • Bitcoin Cash.

And like we mentioned earlier, you may also incur additional costs for the gas fee for minting a domain to your wallet once you have purchased it. That said, the gas fee only applies when you’re minting to an Ethereum based wallet. To avoid this additional cost, you can simply mint the domain on layer 2 with Polygon. To be clear about gas fees, it is important to state that the minting fees are payable directly to your wallet in Ether at your preferred gas price. 

What are the top features of Unstoppable Domains?

Even though Unstoppable Domains offer tons of fantastic features, only a few of them stand out. The most exciting one is the fact that you only get to pay once. This means you can kiss goodbye to paying a yearly renewal fee. This explains why it is more appealing than traditional domain ownership. Plus, the domain you get from Unstoppable Domains is censor-resistant. This means no one except you can take down your domain. 

Another brilliant thing about the domains you get from this company is that they function way better than traditional domains. For instance, domains from Unstoppable Domains can be linked to a payment router while also deployed to create websites with dApps. This is possible because the domain exists on the blockchain, allowing users to use different smart contracts on their site. 

The icing on the cake is that you can receive up to 276 different crypto assets to one address with Unstoppable Domains. This simply means that once you set it up, you only need to know your domain to receive payments, as everything is linked to your wallet. Unstoppable Domains doesn’t only make things easy for you; it also makes it easy for people you want to receive payment from. 

Are there any potential deal breakers with this platform?

Like every service provider out there, it isn’t all glitz and glam for Unstoppable Domains. While there is no denying that the company offers a remarkable service to the crypto community, there are still some potential dealbreakers with their services. For instance, the cost of claiming your domain with Ethereum seems to discourage a lot of people from exploring their services. 

But let’s be clear. This is only going to be a dealbreaker if, for instance, you don’t have any Ethereum in your wallet and need to buy some to claim your domain. Also, some people are skeptical that the gas fee charged for minting domains is a bit unreasonable. That said, keep in mind that this is only a one-time fee, except, of course, you decide to sell or transfer your minted domain to someone else. This usually attracts additional fees. 

How safe is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is extremely safe. And this doesn’t come to us as a surprise as each claimed domain exist under your address on the blockchain. This means that your domain is as secure as the blockchain itself. 

Another cool thing about Unstoppable Domains security is that your domain cannot be blocked or brought down by anyone other than yourself. What this means is that your website isn’t at any risk of being down as a result of censorship. More so, the platform for buying and minting domains is also safe. Plus, it is secured with 2FA authentication. 

Frequently asked questions: Learn more about Unstoppable Domains

What is Unstoppable Domains primarily used for?

Unstoppable Domains is primarily designed to allow users to create decentralized identities. Also, the platform simplifies how crypto enthusiasts interact with cryptocurrency addresses as the platform gives wallet addresses human-readable names. Think of it like how domain names replace IP addresses for websites you currently visit. 

Is Unstoppable Domains great for crypto?

To be frank, the answer to this critical question is subjective. That said, keep in mind that Unstoppable Domains helps to drive mass adoption. And that’s because they provide a unique service that makes it easy for just about anyone to interact with crypto addresses. By making it easy for users to make crypto payments via a simplified domain that houses all your receiving addresses, Unstoppable Domains proves it is an incredible innovation for the crypto space. 

What is the primary goal of a .crypto domain?

The primary goal of a .crypto domain or other domain extension minted through Unstoppable Domains is to provide a platform that makes it seamless for people to interact with crypto addresses. By deploying a .crypto domain, it means you never have to give people any other information besides your domain name to receive payment in over 276 digital assets.

Who owns Unstoppable Domains?

From what we have gathered so far, no single entity owns Unstoppable Domain. While the company is operated by its founder and CEO, Matthew Gould, once users purchase a domain, they have exclusive rights to it. 

Do Unstoppable Domains exist on the Bitcoin Blockchain?

As of right now, Unstoppable Domains exist on the Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchains. While Unstoppable Domains can be used to receive Bitcoin to your preferred Bitcoin Wallet address,  your payment has to be resolved through rerouting via the ETH or Zil blockchain. From there, they can be sent to the necessary blockchain like bitcoin.