Decentralized Yield Generation on Avalanche for DeFi Dollars

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decentralized yield generation

decentralized yield generation

The yield optimizer Oh! Finance is now available on Avalanche. Oh Finance is for those who want to monetize stablecoin assets. You can interact with the OH Dashboard for monitoring and tracking. The big benefit is users get a decentralized yield generation protocol for DeFi dollars.

Oh! Finance aggregates strategies from trusted DeFi protocols, such as Curve, Aave, Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Compound. This feature allows depositors to gain exposure to multiple protocols with a single, gas-efficient transaction. With the Avalanche integration, Oh Finance will be expanding to BenQi, Pangolin, and Trader Joe.

“Avalanche maximizes transaction throughput and settlement speed, without sacrificing security — which makes it the perfect network for a yield generation protocol. We at Oh! Finance are extremely excited to partake in the Avalanche Rush event and offer Avalanche users some of the highest yields in all of DeFi via the Oh! Finance platform!,” — says Rick Seeger, Co-Founder of Oh!

Big things are happening on the Avalanche network, with the start of the Avalanche Rush. The Avalanche Rush brings the blue-chip DeFi applications AAVE and Curve products to the Avalanche ecosystem, along with $180M in liquidity incentives across protocols. With AAVE and Curve integrating with Avalanche, the Oh! Team will be able to provide their high yield, Single Asset Strategy on the Avalanche network.

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