Zero-Knowledge Rollups Altcoins Scalability Solutions for Ethereum

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Scalability for Ethereum is big issue these days. One solution that has become popular is the Zero-Knowledge Rollup. Here is some background on what ZK-Rollups are and how it all works.

First, some highlights:

  • Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) are a series of smart contracts that use off-chain computations before submitting them back on-chain for validation.
  • The smart contracts simply bundle a huge number of transactions into one and compute them in large chunks.
  • Several protocols have already adopted ZK-Rollups, including Loopring (LRC) which surged to all-time highs after.

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It is obvious now that ZK-Rollups are going to be huge and as such, we wanted to give you a list of altcoins you can invest in below to take advantage of this technology:

The Mir Protocol (MIR)

The Mir Protocol (MIR) is a scaling solution for Ethereum designed to use ZK-roll ups. In fact, the project is in the process of developing additional ZK roll up solutions. Just last month, MIR was acquired by Polygon (MATIC) in a deal valued at around $400 million.

Polygon is already one of the cheapest chains in the market. The fact that it is going after a ZK-rollup project suggests that this could be a hot industry in the future.

zkSync Coin

zkSync is an upcoming ZK-roll-up project being developed by Matter Labs. The plan is to issue a native ERC 20 token once the project is fully operational.

The platform has already received up to $50 million in series B funding. Although we don’t have any dates as to when the token will be available, keep an eye on this in 2022.

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