Penguin Emperor and Penguin Arena Creator PeFi Gets AVAX Incentives

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Penguin Finance

Penguin Emperor Penguin Arena

The launchpad and play to earn NFT platform Penguin Finance will have $2.5M in AVAX for their yield-farming games. The platform will be first layer 2 farm on the Avalanche blockchain, and will be released in Q4 2021.

Launched in April, PeFi was one of the first native DeFi projects on Avalanche and grew its community rapidly through its unique marketing, branding and design. The platform offers the first layer 2 yield farm on Avalanche, which is uniquely prepared to receive AVAX incentives given that multiple token rewards are distributed on each pool. Gamers and DeFi enthusiasts will also soon have access to PeFi’s ‘’play to earn’’ games, such as the Penguin Emperor and Penguin Arena, with the upcoming deployment on Avalanche.

During the program, users can receive Rush rewards by participating in selected liquidity pools (earning up to 5 different tokens simultaneously) and betting on special “Avalanche Emperor” rounds on the Penguin Emperor dApp.

As part of the Avalanche Rush Program, the Avalanche Foundation is working closely with top projects, including Aave, Curve, Sushi, Stake DAO and BENQI for farming, mining, lending and now gaming experiences.

The specific date for PeFi’s Avalanche Rush deployment will be coming in Q4 2021. For more information on PeFi, please visit its Website and Twitter.

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