Near-Instant Finality for Crypto Assets with Float Capital

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A new protocol that decreases liquidation risk has launched support for Avalanche. Float Capital,offers near-instant finality lower fees for leveraging crypto assets.

Float is a novel protocol which removes the need for managing collateralized debt positions and decreases the risk of liquidation. In keeping with its mission of providing the best possible user experience, Float continues to expand its support to the best performing blockchains in the market.

‘’Avalanche has defied blockchain challenges by being blazingly fast, scalable and secure. The network’s capacity and vision to extensibility is exciting and I can only see the network seeing more and more adoption. The near instant finality almost feels like web2 and is arguably solving one of the core usability issues for the future of blockchain adoption. Float Capital is bringing Magic Internet Assets to Avalanche and we couldn’t be more excited’’, — Denham Preen, CPO & Co-founder.

‘’Using the Avalanche C-chain is a breath of fresh air. The fast confirmation times and the seamless developer experience really make Avalanche stand out. We are dedicated to creating the best experience for our community at Float Capital, so deploying to Avalanche is an easy decision’’, — Jason Smythe, CTO & Co-founder.

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