My Neighbor Alice Crypto Game Promotes Land Sale

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The Metaverse is coming! With Facebook hoping on board the metaverse train, and all the other activity in the space, you can expect to see more interesting plays on virtual real estate and all that entails.

But one thing we can agree on is that crypto will be the de facto currency in the Metaverse. But there is actually more to this, and that’s where the blockchain comes in. One platform in particular, which is dubbed, My Neighbor Alice, has caught our attention.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain interactive multiplayer online game where players build virtual islands. The game also allows players to purchase several items in the game and even whole islands as NFTs.


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 Think of it as Axie only instead of buying Axie monsters, you simply buy and sell virtual islands. Talk about virtual real estate, right? Here are some other features:

  • There is a native governance token on the game called ALICE.
  • The token is used to make in-game purchases and to also vote on the DAO system.
  • Users can also earn rewards by staking ALICE

Why is this Game perfect for the Metaverse?

Even before the Metaverse, My Neighbor Alice had already grown to become a very popular game. But it is the immersive digital experience the Metaverse promises to bring that could easily push this blockchain game to the next level.

People are changing how their view or interpret the value. From the 19th century till today, the value was placed on physical items like art, gold, land, and others. The metaverse is going to change human society towards digitalization in a huge way.

This is where digital real estate, like the virtual islands on My Neighbor Alice, could really become so valuable. We are not there yet, of course but trust me, we are not far away.

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